Imagine holding a church service or a sporting event with an unlimited number of available seats. Imagine those seats being accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. That is what we are here for.

Just a couple of years ago there were only expensive ways to reach a mass audience. Churches were forced to buy time on local radio/TV stations or perhaps on a Christian cable channel. Suddenly that has all changed. wowza server broadcastWith only a modest investment, your live event can can now be broadcasted live on the World Wide Web. This type of internet broadcasting is commonly known as “live video streaming” or “webcasting.”

Our services are recommended for website owners, Churches, mobile operators, live sports events, TV and radio broadcasters, government organizations, and many more.

Wowza Servers Broadcasting Services can be configured to stream to Adobe Flash, Apple iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple Quicktime, Android, BlackBerry and many other 3GPP platforms.